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Beach Clean Arguineguin 2013  














The team Last Year

One year on and Surf Canaries are proud to announce the 2013 Arguineguin Beach Clean in collaboration with the Surfrider Foundation and Initiativas Oceanas, Mogan and San Bartolome de Tirajana Town councils, and various local small business on the 24th March 2013

MEETING: Sunday, 24th March. 09:00 in "Callao" Surf Beach, Arguineguin (seaward side of the football Stadium)  

So, what is it about? The intentions of these beach cleans are not just about tidying the beach, there are many other things we intend to highlight… 

Clean the beach + Surfing Social Event: It is always a fun event, nice place to meet people, do something good for our environment and ocean, enjoy the atmosphere and “after clean”  BBQ and hopefully, surf permitting, catch some waves! 

Highlight a Plight: Every year we focus on different plights that may go un-noticed otherwise. This year we look at the importance of not only keeping our beaches clean, but WHY and HOW we can reduce our plastic consumption.
This year we are using the birds from the island of Gyre and how, astonishingly, dispite being hundreds of km from the nearest populated coast, they are dying due to the ingestion of plastic debris in the water. 

Lobby the International Governments “Evolution of legislation” regarding Plastic Bags: This year, the Surfrider Foundation are lobbying to fight the number of “one use” plastic bags that are distributed. “Evolution of legislation” is how it is being named 

Educate: Even small actions have big consequences when it comes to plastic in the sea… 

The rubbish collected in 2012

Plastic, even if it is well disposed of by us, has an uncanny knack of getting free… and once free, the only thing to trap it are bushes/trees or water…  

How does that affect us here? Well, any plastic on the beaches (or even the roads) combined with our climate of high winds means that

plastic bags get airborne easily and only stop when it gets trapped to the first thing - usually a bush, tree or the ocean. 

Even if we are responsible and dispose of the plastic, how do we know that it is going to end up in the right place? How many times have you driven past the big garbage sites in Las Palmas and Juan Grande on a windy day and seen whirlwinds whisking plastic into the air?   

This plastic does not break down for a long time (see diagram x) and will easily arrive back on our beaches, ingested by fish, birds or sea mammals. 

Diagram x, How long does it take?

“Evolution of legislation” We control our future legislation and it is ley de vida that this changes over time. Think back to something which, in the day and age was perfectly acceptable but with today´s consciousness/science seems ludicrous that it could have occurred. For example, asbestos in ceiling insulation, heavy metal levels in drinking water and the use of Thalidomide to treat morning sickness in pregnant women.

Now apply it to this present situation; is it possible that our children may ask us “did you really create plastic bags for just one use then throw them away?!” It is plausible, especially when we think of the vast amounts of plastics in the oceans, that in just a matter of a few years can seem as absurd as the examples stated above.

In the past, there have been evolutions of legislation as human kind has noticed the errors of their ways. We here are promoting the next one – plastic bags. 
















Explaining the task, 2012

So our job of cleaning this beach on the 24th March will help A LITTLE towards our beach being clean, but if the publicity helps to make people more responsible about a) how they dispose of rubbish and b) cutting down on their use of plastic, then this will be our most successful aspect of the event

So PLEASE COME! 24th March 2013 - beach clean, fun, BBQ and Surfing! 
In further articles we will publicise the ways possible, also we would love to hear your ideas: How would YOU reduce your plastic consumption? 
Send us your ideas an comments, no matter how crazy they may sound! 


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