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The Canarian Surfing Federation: 2011, A Year of Highs and Lows

Although it is now February, the 2011 season has only just drawn to a close as the last event was held late due to natural conditions and a tragic event. Here is a review of the year with the Canarian circuit.

2011 Surf Canarian Circuit, sponsored by Shark, started the year with it's series of events with it´s regular "Open" Surf and Body Board category, along with SUB 14, SUB 16, SUB 18, SUB 21, SUB 18, 21 & Open Feminine, Longboard, Dropknee Bodyboard, SUP (Stand up paddle) Surf Masters and Surf Senior.

The events were run across the islands throughout the year with events here and Tenerife. Surfers on the circuit duly traveled to each event competing with each other, but also forming friendships, sharing experiences and becoming better competitors.

In total, 586 surfers participated in the circuit at any point and nearly 1000 are federated around the islands.

Apart from the circuit, we were also proud to host two major international surfing events. In September, the 2011 Ocean & Earth Confital Pro was a major success, drawing in competitors from around the world to challenge the local experts.

In December, we saw the Surfing Europe Summit held here on the island. Following this, there was a prime ISA (International Surfing Association) event, the Fronton Pro, which saw the world's very best bodyboarders surfing what is renown as one of the most challenging waves in the world, right here in Galdar!

2011 saw highs like Ardiel Jimenez winning his well earned world title, and Daida Moreno seal another world championship in Windsurfing. It also saw tragedy..

David Mesa, one of the driving forces behind the Canarian Surfing Federation was tragically killed in a road accident in Tenerife. He was aged 32. In respect of this, the final stage on the circuit was moved until February and was dedicated in his name. As was the entire 2011 circuit and the first event of the 2012 circuit, the Punta Blanca Surf&Body Open 2012, which will be held on his home island Tenerife.

Now, at the start of the 2012 season which kicks off in just a week or two, The Canary News wishes the Canarian Surfing Federation the best of luck and good conditions for 2012, good waves, good surfing and good times!



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