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Tenerife, December 2012: Surf Canaries surf at Siam Park and compete in the surf contest La Conquistador Surf Pro 2012

"The boat that was supposed to take us to the Conquistador Surf Pro 2012 sailed off with out us into the spectacular sun rise of December 21, the day the world was supposed to end. "

The contest didn't start as planned.... up at 05:00 with some sleepy but excited competitors, one of which left his passport behind, leaving us to the mercy of the aggro Armas check in girl, Danny had to leave it to his flirting skills to get us on the boat. Which meant we were kicked off.

The boat that was supposed to take us to the Conquistador Surf Pro 2012 sailed off without us into the spectacular sun rise of December 21, the day the world was supposed to end.

So what now? Should we re-book tickets? Go fetch Tegan´s passport? Look into flights? With a pumping NW swell, the choice was obvious; go surfing in the north shore to "think about it"

So it was some overhead dawnbreakers that awaited us, not the game of poker over an Armas cold breakfast as we expected. Already we knew that the trip was going to be epic.

Now out of the surf, we established our fasted link would be the Fred Olson from Agaete, but first to Playa del Hombre to retrieve the missing passport, couriered up by Surf Canaries´s Team Support and coordinator Annika.

Just making it onto the ferry there was a sigh of relief - not only was it the contest at stake but the session with the artificial waves at Siam Park, the biggest artificial wave in the world!

Once out at the other end the team loudly cruised across the south of Tenerife to make it in time for our sunset session, joined by Eduardo Diaz from Second Reef, and Raul.

So, surfing in a swimming pool? This trip was getting more and more surreal. We entered just as all the tourists were leaving, staring at this strange big-haired team with their boards. The settings were incredible, really beautiful. The theme was a tropical beach and really gave off this vibe, like a jungle arriving to a white sand beach in the tropics... and a perfect wave which, curiously enough, came every minute on the dot!

The wave is great, a left or a right, you can even choose the size! And all in these idyllic settings.

After sunset the spotlights came on and we surfed into the night, thankful for the opportunity and that, finally, we were even able to get across from Gran Canaria. And then, during the sunset that was almost as dramatic as the sunrise that very same morning, with the the underwater floodlights, the waves crashing by and the hoots of delight from the Surf Canaries Surf Team ripping up this perfect little wave, we even wondered whether the world had actually ended, as the Mayans had predicted, and that this was the afterlife. Not a bad one I have to say!

Next day alarms set for 05:45 we smuggled the team out of the apartment (we had kind of done some human smuggling to keep the price down, it was a game of sardines in there!) and we were the first in the peak at Las Americas surf spot. It wasn't light yet so we had a couple of bounces off the reef before we could really see anything, but valuable experience for the wave we were due to compete in later that day.

The surf contest Conquistador Pro (the last one in the Canarian Circuit sponsored by Shark energy drink) started in earnest and although the set´s were not too frequent, they offered perfect faces for the surfers to demonstrate their skills. And important it was too as it would decide the rankings for the Canary Islands for 2012.

Jack did well getting to the semies and confirming his spot in the top 5 for the Canarian circuit for 2012 in the under 16s. Well done Jack for a great effort all season!


Open Surf

1. Julián Cuello -Gran Canaria (14.8).

2. Matías Hernández -Tenerife (13.65).

3. Carlos Marqués -Gran Canaria (11.2)

4. Sebastián Brugmmans -Tenerife (10.6)

Stand Up Paddle

1. Félix Palmero -Tenerife (12)

2. Daniel Bruch -Tenerife (9.7

3. David Rodal -Tenerife (7.3)

4. Damián Hernández -Tenerife (4.4)

Sub 21

1. Alberto García -Gran Canaria (11.2)

2. Lewis Leadbetter -Fuerteventura (10.8)

3. Will Davey -Lanzarote (9.6)

4. Joe De Armas -Tenerife (8.2)

Sub 21 Femenino

1. Jodie De Armas -Tenerife (13).

2. Marcela Machado -Tenerife (7.5)

3. Alejandra Jiménez -Tenerife (1.75)

4. Ana Ríos -Tenerife(no puntuó)

Sub 18

1. Miguel Villalba -Gran Canaria (12.5)

2. Lucas Díaz -Gran Canaria (8.2)

3. Jaime Madrid - Tenerife (7.5) Ganaba al desempate en mejor ola surfeada.

4. Iván González -Tenerife. (7.5)

Sub 16

1. Nico Aguirre -Tenerife (11.5)

2. Alex Baudin -Tenerife (10.5)

3. Saúl Torres -Gran Canaria (6.6)

4. Eduardo Loche -Tenerife (1.5)

Sub 14

1. Luis Díaz -Gran Canaria (14.5)

2. Jose Mentado -Gran Canaria (12.2)

3. Yael Peña -Tenerife (10.2)

4. Jane Baltar -Gran Canaria (8.3)

Many thanks to: The Conquistador Surf Pro and the Canarian Surf Circuit 2012 - Gobierno de Canarias, Cabildo Insular de Tenerife, Ayuntamiento de Arona, K-16 Surf Shop & Surf School, and especially to the Canarian Federation of Surf for organizing each leg of the circuit and to Shark Energy Drink for sponsoring it!

To see all the photos, check out our page www.facebook.com/surfcanaries

Siam Park - Eduardo Diaz and Second Reef Stand up Paddle company, Siam Park Tenerife


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