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ARDIEL JIMENEZ: Pro Surfer Interview

ARDIEL JIMENEZ is one of the most representative figures of Bodyboarding in the world. And did you know that he is not just from Gran Canaria, but from Maspalomas?!

Last year Ardiel achieved his dream of winning a world tour contest on his home turf here in Gran Canaria and by doing so, became number 2 in the world for “Drop Knee”, a position he is about to defend in Hawaii as the 2010 tour begins in earnest…

In recent years, Ardiel has been a permanent fixture at the top of the Canarian rankings, Ardiel has also achieved runner up in the Spanish open championship, and has won the senior championship.

Originally from the south of Gran Canaria and with over 20 years of experience in the water, Ardiel speaks exclusively to The Canary News about his best experiences.


Height: 1,75 m
Weight: 80 kg

Date of Birth: 16 th March 1977
Place of birth: GRAN CANARIA
Local Spot: LAS MUJERES and TAURO.
Favourite Spot:  EL AGUJERO
Favourite Move: AIR REVERSE
Dream Surfari : WORLDTICKET with 4 Destinations: MEXICO , TAHITI , INDO( SUMATRA ) AND MENTAWAII. And some PACIFIC island.

What are your training methods between championships and the off-season?
I a ttempt to surf every day, whatever the conditions are because it isn't the case that there are big, perfect waves in every contest. If you want to be the best of the elite, there is no other way than to practice in ALL conditions, good or bad.

The rest of my training includes running and surf stretching mixed with relaxation stretching.

You have a ritual before going in for a heat?

I stretch as much as possible whilst listening to music that motivates me, especially lively music!

On average, how much time do you spend travelling over the course of the year?

I think about 6 months or maybe more if I put everything together.

What you do when you're not competing?

Training, travelling between islands in search for good waves… and I love a good movie!

What is your favourite wave in Gran Canaria?

El Agujero

What is your favourite wave in the Canaries?

El Agujero

What is your favourite wave in the world?

El Agujero

In your opinion, who are the most pressing issues in the world of surfing in Gran Canaria in the coming years?

ECONOMIC AID for the athletes, including more from the SPONSORS.

You have been doing this for over 20 years now and you are still at the top of your sport. What is your motivation and you key to long term success?

Well I think that every day you should look for your motivations and give your self objectives to achieve. Whether it is to be better in a certain type of wave, or to perform the best manoeuvre of the day, get the best photo etc. Another motivation for training is with the objective of getting into the best physical form possible for a particular trip.

A very big motivation for me was to achieve ones dreams. You have to work hard to get them, not just in the water but out of the water. You must remember to be professional in every moment. For me, my greatest motivation has been to be able to live my sport and I have managed to do this.

What advice would you give kids who want to go far in the world of surfing?

First of all, always go surf to have fun. This is the primary reason why we do this sport. Always respect your elders in the water.

If in the end you like to compete, it is important to set reasonable objectives and fight to achieve them. Remember that in every contest, win or lose, you are achieving experience.

When you win, celebrate quietly the same day, because the next day you should be equally as focussed for the next contest.

When you lose, don't get de-moralized. Study what errors you committed and the next day start to work on these errors.

Do you have some funny stories from your career as a professional?

Ha ha ha too MANY! If I started telling, it would never end!

How many Bodyboards many use a year?
I like to try different boogies, and try to use different sizes according to the conditions to see the difference. In one year I would use between 8 and 12.

Anything else that you would like to say to the readers of The Canary News?

Just to thank all my sponsors:
Maspalomas Costa Canaria, DEPORTECANARIO.COM, PRIDE ISLAND SPORTS INSTITUTE, O & E, SHARK ENERGY DRINKS, KPALOA FISIODEP.COM And to my new sponsors TURISMO DE CANARIAS. Thanks for all the support received over the years. It is thanks to them I have been able to achieve these goals and have finished a consecutive year as runner up in Drop knee.  

Thank you very much for your time, Ardiel and the best of luck in Hawaii and for the whole season.

  Thank you very much!

…Last year in Hawaii , Ardiel achieved a 9 th in the world, competing against 140 others in huge waves. This year, his results where not as good but Ardiel enjoyed some incredible waves as we can see from the photos. Canary News will keep you posted on Ardiel's progress through the season.

Ardiel is currently travelling Tenerife on a photo-shoot with surf photographer Brian Gonzalez. More to come on this one…



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