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Surfing, Another Way to Appreciate the Canary Islands : 1 st Expo, 2011

On the 12 th April, 2011 , the very first exposition of “Surf, another way to enjoy the Canaries” was held in Las Palmas. This project was the brainchild and is masterminded by sports education teacher Alejandro Gil Sanchez, himself a passionate surfer and a keen believer that having surf really benefits the lives of children. Operating out of the secondary school Cairasco de Figueroa in Las Palmas , the children set up a 4 month project which actually counts towards their final grades.

At first glance, it is hard to see if a serious, educational project can be achieved from such a subject but looking a little deeper, the subject is vast and diverse…

Mathematics and Physics: Surfboards were mathematically designed, then actually built by the students

Chemistry: Water samples were taken from the sea and anylised to see what they contained

Art: a surf art gallery was created by the students, Photo competition and a Surfboard painting exposition held

Business: The multibillion dollar surf industry was studied and evaluated

Tourism and it's changing patterns: How the Canary Islands have this tremendous resource and how this should be put over and marketed to the tourist industry. Getting to know the Canary Islands via surfing is a key thrust of the project and a very interesting angle for tourism as this troubled sector looks for solutions and changes.

The day of the final exposition was incredible and the Canary News were there to witness the atmosphere. A rock concert was held in the school yard, a dance competition, all the photography and art expositions, all the scientific stands, an indoor cinema with all the chidrens short films and even an autograph signing session from some of the Canary Island's most famous surfers. Eduardo Acosta, Adelina y Marina Taylor, Julian Cuello, Javier y Hector Medina, Félix Ortega, Damián Moro, Giovani y Kevin Rosales y Noemy Mendoza amongst others were all there to sign autographs for the ecstatic children, if this wasn't inspiration for them to study and involve themselves in sport, I don't know what is! Convinced yet?

It turns out that the more the children studied the topic, the more they uncovered and has lead to an ongoing study and hopefully repeat next year with bigger, better and even more exciting plans! Big thanks have to be given out to la concejalía de juventud del ayuntamiento de las palmas and all the surf companies, surf schools, clubs etc that sponsored the study and the event itself. Congratulations to Alejandro and all involved!!


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