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A Quick guide to how to predict weather on Gran Canaria


As surfers, we have to also be part time meteorologists to be able to predict the waves and the winds on the island to know where to surf on any one time. You may visit a beach every day of the year but you can guarantee that if there are any waves of any quality, there will suddenly be surfers there. Where did that come from? How did they know that the waves would arrive?

Predicting waves is a complicated business. It involves tracking storms that create us “swell” (a series of waves) heading to our shores. Following this, we must work out the angle from which the swell is coming from (to predict which beaches it will hit, the depth of the swell (the distance between each peak of the wave) and its size and power and finally, the local wind conditions on the part of the island with the waves on that day. On top of that, we usually know if it will be sunny or not!

Storm Tracking

Swell Angle

Wave height and strength

Local wind conditions

Will it be sunny?





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