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How to stand up on a surf board!

In this edition of RTN my kids and I will be teaching you how to stand up on a surfboard, in the comfort of your own home!

Standing on a board and riding a wave isn't as easy as it is made to look.   So, when teaching beginners we have to optimise the efficiency of our teaching.

"Just stand up!" were the cries from the beach at the surf schools of old... now there is a lot more science applied to standing on a board. Here at Surf Experience we have our studied, tried and tested technique of 4 stages .

Why 4 Stages?
Three reasons; if we are just going to stand up on a board, the chances are that our feet are going to be in the wrong position, resulting in poor weight distribution and balance and therefore an early wipe-out!

Also, it's a complicated manoeuvre which, as any gymnast, ballerina or dancer will tell you, is a lot better executed if broken down into stages so that the student isn't overwhelmed. They simply have to remember stage 1, 2, 3 then 4 and they are surfing.

And finally, it is practicable on land. Once learnt, the four stages can be practiced over and over on the more stable (and dryer!) medium of sand.  When it is second nature, the theory is that we can then transfer this simplified manoeuvre into the water and that through logic (and not luck) we have everyone standing on a board by the end of the day, something unimaginable a few years ago.

Before Standing Up
Before standing up, it is important to catch the wave. This, with the help of the instructors, is relatively easy. Subsequently, the hands go into the "tuck position" and we are ready for stage 1.

Stage 1
Make a Mini-Step with your back foot, placing it in the center of your board and just before the fins.

Stage 2
Push your whole body as high as possible. This should leave only your toes and hands on the board, the rest of your body is in the air!

Stage 3
Big-step with the front foot, putting the knee under the chest and the foot flat on the centre of the board.

Stage 4
Just let go!! Stage 3 sets you up completely so that you simply lift your hands off the board and you are surfing! Beware, don't stand up too high, remember that the lower your centre of gravity is, the better you are surfing and the longer your ride will be.

The end goal should be that every time you stand, your feet are a good distance apart, in the centre of the board, low centre of gravity, arms out for balance and weight slightly forward.

These steps can be practiced anywhere and are really helpful training before entering the water and between surf sessions. So go on, give surfing a go in the privacy of your own home!

For more information please call Danny on 686 211 996 or 677 704 981 to find out more information about how to be a surfer!




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