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Gran Canaria Beach Guide

As surfers, we are lucky to travel to many beaches in our quest for waves and this leads us to find some real treasures along the way.  Here in Gran Canaria, there are some incredible beaches out there to be discovered, some easy to find, others practically impossible, but those with enough ambition will get there eventually.

Here is the Surf Canaries Surf School guide to the best beaches on the island...

El Confital
When the conditions are right, this beach is arguably the best wave on the island and possibly Europe.  It is where a World Championship surf event is held every year.  Apart from this, El Confital is an extraordinarily beautiful beach with its white sand contrasting starkly with the black lava reef.  A recent development has seen a walkway built and the beach is often subject to hotly contested development plans, leading to battles between government and environmentalists.

Las Canteras
This beach stretches the entire length of Las Palmas and offers everything anyone would ever need of a beach!  The north end is protected by a reef offering a nice protected area for sailing. This is used by the Club Victoria sailing club.
Further south, the inner reefs offer fantastic snorkelling and protected waters for bathing.
As we continue south, the beach gets sporty with volleyball nets and plenty of beach games. The beach is very popular amongst the youngsters of Las Palmas and in summer it is the place to see and be seen!  Many beach bars run along the avenue and the place really has a nice lively atmosphere.
As we go further south (towards the auditorium) the reef stops and this allows the waves to reach the beach.   This part of the beach is called La Cicer and offers strong, punchy waves.

Playa Del Hombre (photo)
A regular destination for the Surf Experience surf team, this beach offers a very consistent wave.  It is also a beautiful volcanic black sand beach, very different from our beaches in the south.

This is an extraordinary cave village set on an incredible beach, sheltered by the prevailing winds from the north by the high cliff-line.  The water here is crystal clear and perfect for snorkelling and the village is quite exquisite to visit.  Not many people know about Tufia but take the GC1 towards Telde and turn of at El Goro.  Head down to the coast from there and you will find it.

This town is really worth a visit for culture and water sports.  It has a fantastic waterside avenue and offers incredible wind surfing.  Occasionally it has an incredible wave for surfing also.

Playa Del Ingles/Maspalomas
Despite some fairly tasteless construction, Playa Del Ingles boasts arguably the finest traditional beach on the island.  Kilometres of golden sand and sand dunes have attracted thousands of tourists over the years. This beach gets occasional good surf in the summer from the northeast wind swells.  The Maspalomas Faro and Meloneras side for the beach is far higher class in terms of tourist facilities and offers fine waves when the swell comes in from the west.

As we move up the West coast of the island, we can find incredible, remote beaches. One of these is Tasarte which can be accessed by descending towards the coast from the village.  Be warned: a little bit of unsealed dirt tracking is required.
The beach is beautiful and has a fantastic fish shack beach bar which gets full in the summer months and weekends.

This is the holy grail of Gran Canaria's beaches.  Inaccessible by road, the only access is by boat or by hiking. The beach is small with golden sand, set into a valley of palm trees and undergrowth. Güigüi is truly the stereotypical desert island beach, beautiful and desolate and with access so difficult, shall remain that way.  If you come by boat, be aware of the troubled tidal areas nearby.  If you come by foot, the journey is many kilometres over rough terrain and mountains, but those who are determined to find it will do. Good luck!

San Felipe
Heading over to the north of the island, we come across San Felipe. This beach is nestled in the deep valley of Moya under two spectacular bridges. Here there is a consistent wave that breaks over sand.

El Paso
El Paso is Gran Canaria's ‘big wave' spot where, in the right conditions, enormous waves break over the reef.  Although there is no sandy beach here, it is incredible to watch from one of the beach bars that overlook it.

This Weeks Featured Surfer

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Age: 7
Nationality: English
School: Puerto Rico
Height: Don't know
Weight: Don't know...
Time Surfing: 6 weeks
The Best Thing About Surfing: Its cool
The Worst Thing About Surfing: Nothing really
Surf Board: Surf School Foam Boards
Favourite Surf Spot: Playa Del Hombre
Best Location in the World : Playa Del Hombre
Girlfriend? No, in England I have one but...
Favourite Food: Pizza
Worst Food: Salad
Favourite Drink: Appletiser
Favourite Manoeuvre: Side flips
Favourite Surfer: Kelly Slater
Favourite Music: Busted
Other Interests: Skateboarding
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