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Intermediate/Advanced Classes

Good surfing, like any other sport, relies heavily on good technique. Have a qualified coach assess your surfing and then explain to you via video analysis what you are doing right and, more importantly, how you can improve your surfing technique.

Many basic manoeuvres can be improved very easily by refining technique. This means that you will not only be able to perform these moves more powerfully, but also more consistently. Common things that we help intermediate surfers with are:

Speed generation, Smooth Pop Up, Bottom Turn, Top Turn/Snap, Cut Back Duck Dive.

Daniel Alcock, head coach of Surf Canaries, has been trained by top coaches such as Martin Dunn (coach of the Australian National Team) and Clayton Nienaber (South-Africa) and brings world class coaching to the Canary Islands. If we can just improve one or two factors of your surfing in one day, then the exercise has been a success!

Our Classes include:



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