Safety Protocol Covid-19


Preventive Measures before the Activity – by Surf Canaries


Inscription and payment:

Inscriptions will ideally be done online to prevent unnecessary personal contacts.

Payment of the course will be done online when possible. In the event of credit card payment in the surf school, our device will be disinfected after each use.

Surf Canaries will send you the online participant form before the surf course. In this document you can find information about risks, responsibilities, established protocols against the propagation of COVID-19, as well as personal contact data so that you can be advised if a positive case occurred during your surf course.



We have permanent and clear signage in our surf school and transport concerning Health and Safety Measures.

Horizontal signage on the floor with tape to remind clients of the social distancing of 2 meters in the surf school.

Signage about the minimum distance between staff and the first client in line in the reception area.



Dispensers of hydro-alcoholic gels are at the disposition of clients and staff in the entrance and reception area of the premises.

Masks and hydro-alcoholic gels will be used by all participants (staff and students) in our transport and in activities which require less than 2 meters distancing.


General Cleaning:

Amplification of our “General Cleaning and Disinfection Plan” of installations, materials and vehicles, which will be followed and updated daily.

Use of cleaning products and disinfectant which are authorized by the Departamento de Sanidad:

Disposition of bins with a lid and pedal.

Staff in charge of cleaning will use adequate personal protection, which will be disposed of safely after its use.


Preventive Measures - by each participant

✓ Accept the informative protocol and participant form remitted by Surf Canaries prior to the activity.

✓ In case of showing symptoms of Covid 19 - don't leave your accommodation and follow the protocol of calling 112 when necessary.

✓ Maintain social distance of at least 2 meters and follow instructions on hygiene.

✓Wear personal protective gear (if available) when undergoing the temperature reading prior to the activity. This will be carried out by the person responsible of the activity.

✓ Where possible, bring and use your own wetsuit.


Preventive Measures during the Activity

  • The staff responsible of the surf course will take each participants temperature before the start of the class.
  • We will avoid at all costs communications etc with people that are not taking part in the surf course.
  • Instructions of the Spanish Ministry of Health and Transport will be followed in our transport.  The vehicles will be cleaned after their use, especially in areas like door handles, buttons, arm rests, seats, windows. The use of masks and disinfectant is obligatory.
  • Follow the recommendations of safety distance and hygiene.
  • Don't share lip balms, sun creams, water bottles and other objects.
  • Separation of at least 2 meters in classes, stretching and warm up sessions. We will avoid long warm up sessions on the beach to minimize the risk of getting close to other beach users. When possible, we will use cones to mark the area of the class and stretching and warm up sessions so that other beach users don't get too close to the group.
  • Where possible our surf instructors will position themselves downwind from the participants - on the beach and in the water.

Preventive Measures after the Activity:

  • Used material will be deposited in separate buckets.
  • Shared material will be disinfected after its use.
  • Wetsuits and rash vests are washed and disinfected after their use with adequate products.
  • Don't use shared showers, hose pipes or foot showers.
  • Don't share towels, clothes or similar.
  • Don't share items of personal hygiene.
  • Don't share drinking bottles.


Protocol if any member of the surf school (student or instructor) who has carried out a surf course in the last 14 days develops symptoms compatible with COVID 19 disease

If during the activity any member of the school or student manifests any of the symptoms compatible with the disease (fever, cough, muscle pain, respiratory distress, headache, etc ...), they will immediately notify the director of the activity who without delay must:

  • Request the person with symptoms compatible with COVID 19 to return to their accommodation, from where they will contact the corresponding emergency service helpline (112) so that they can assess their situation.
  • Identify the participants (teachers, students, technical and administrative staff) who have been in close contact with the suspiciously affected participant.

If the result is positive, the patient will remain isolated at home, and to follow the treatment implemented by the health service.


✓ The Director of the Surf School will coordinate necessary measures in relation to the rest of the participants who have been in close contact with the person diagnosed in the last 15 days. To do this, they will check the documented participant forms of the activities carried out in the last 15 days.

✓ The activities of the group that has been in contact with the Covid 19 patient will be immediately stopped and all the students and organizers / managers who may have been in the activities of the last 15 days will be notified. That groups activity will be put on pause for the next 15 days. 

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